Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jaylene, Kayla and Grace at the MARC

Working hard after school...
April 25, 2013
Dear    mom      I    want    a      dog     to      protect      us.      if    I     have    a   dog    I   will   quit   begging     you  to   go   out   side.    I  will  give  it  a  bath    every    week.   I   will   feed  it  and     walk    it     every   day.we  can     get    a    dog    that    does    not    bite.  Mom   can   I   pleas   have   a   dog.
Your Duaghter

April 25, 2013
Dear mom and dad,
About that Amaricin girl doll you are getting me for my birthday… can I pleas have some art supplies to make her a bed ? I will help you woshth the dishis and clean all my meses up that I pull out. I will even help dad fix the air cundishiner and I could even hand him his tools . Can I please have some art supplis ? Love your udoribol doter grace.

April 25, 2013
Dear Mrs. phillips,
I would like to have more games at Chets Creek.  bingo would be agood gam.  I Like Bingo.  I would really Love a Justin Bieber gam.  That will be the best.  I think we should have Monopoly too.  We could play befor school.  Thank you for listning to my ideas.
your favorite stubent

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  1. Guess what? My mom got me a puppy! jaylene